~ Sage Taylor Kingsley

You are already aware that your mother’s issues were the result of how SHE was mothered. 


Maybe you’ve been “working on” your Mother Wound and healing your relationship with your mother for decades. 


So why isn’t this healed already?

Talk therapy and books don't go high enough or deep enough because you need to get to the root, original cause of your mother wounds,
which originate both in your ancestral lineage, and in karmic past lives, as well as soul contracts and subconscious beliefs. 


I have had the honor to facilitate Mother Wound Healing for both women and men, with a 100% success rate thus far.


The approach I take is quite different because I am not just supporting you at the psychological level but also at the levels of SOUL, ROOT CAUSE (karmic/past life and ancestral lineage), BELIEFS, SELF-LOVE and YOUR ENERGY.


And The Mother Wound ultimately is also about your disconnection from The Divine Mother, from the sacred feminine. 


The great news is that WHEN your Mother Wounds are healed, this will help you give and receive love, manifest abundance, and experience so much more harmony in all your relationships. 


You’ll feel an incredible freedom and aliveness that enhances your health, your wealth, your life balance and your happiness. 


You will feel more connected to the Earth. 


Feel more aliveness and vitality in your own body. 


And feel more connected to the important people in your life.


Your ability to joyfully RECEIVE from the Universe will be enhanced and expanded beyond what you can even imagine now. 

We are proud to announce that we now have an affordable Self-Study very powerful online course
divinely designed to support you in healing this most primal wound so you can set yourself
and all generations FREE and joyfully step into your life of greater empowerment, harmony and happiness. 

Learn more about Mother Wound Healing here now

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