Radiant, Radical Self-love!​

  • World's MOST COMPLETE Self-Love Course.

    LIVE ONLINE RETREAT! 3-hour SELF-LOVE AND DIVINE LOVE Immersion with HeartSeat personalized healing & coaching​

    (Value $1500 - VIPs only)

    Your name on Sage's altar with prayers and Reiki for 2 months
    (Value $600)

  • BONUS! Golden Portal Vision Board Training with Sage & Archangel Michael  (Value $197)

    (Value $400)

  • 62 Fun, Uplifting Self-Love Practices for Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

  • Includes 158 Self-Love Affirmations + Affirmations Superchargers! 

  • Sacred Self-Love Ceremonies

  • Journaling, Quizzes & Empowering Checklists for Deeper Self-Discovery

  • Prosperity & Right Livelihood & Purpose

  • Embodied Enlightenment Self-Love Chakra Healing Exercises (gentle and powerful)

  • Conscious Eating, Healthy Weight & Exercise​

  • MORE BONUSES! 5 Beautiful Meditation Audios with Guided Self-Love Journeys

  • This is quite simply the most SPIRITUAL
    self-love program available anywhere​.

    The total value of all that you get is over $3,000 however the measure of the pleasures & treasures you will receive is PRICELESS.

  • Expand all 6 TYPES of Self-Love:
    Body Love; Self-Loving Thoughts & Beliefs; Heart Happiness; Spirituality & Inner Peace; Relationships & Intimacy; and
    Living a Prosperous Life!​

  • BONUS! Includes LIFETIME Facebook Group for Ongoing Support & Community :)

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"Radical Self-Love by Sage is a gem of a program that's brimming, bursting from the seams, with LOVE. Like SARK, Sage just gives, gives, gives, splashing wisdom across the pages in fun and captivating ways. It's obvious she has walked the treacherous and fruitful journey from self-negation to self-affirmation. The Radical Self-Love Guidebook helps many people walk across that bridge.

"The world is thirsty and ready for masses of people to release the hypnotic cultural taboo against loving yourself, because people who love themselves can then authentically love others and love the Earth. Bravo to Sage for pointing the way!"

- Scott Kalechstein Grace
Author of Teach Me How to Love, A True Story that Touches Hearts & Helps with the Laundry!

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